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Backlinks earned by promoting your best content

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After writing a new article, don't just sit back and hope that the article will start receiving backlinks. This is rarely the case if you don't promote it.

Think what would have happened if Einstein hadn't made public his theory of general relativity? No one would have known for years.

It's the same with your content. If you don't promote it enough Mobile Number List, it will be buried somewhere on your site, and no one will know. You need to get the word out about your articles.

The best option is to find sites and bloggers who tend to link or share articles similar to yours. You can then email outreach and ask for feedback on your latest post. Don't ask for a link directly, as that will distract them.

To find such sites, you can always use Monitor Backlinks. Find good leads for your website and connect their urls to our free backlink checker to spy on their SEO metrics Mobile Number List. This is how you can find out whether it is really worth writing for their site or not.

What is their Trust Flow? Stream of quotes? Spam score? If everything works out and it looks like an authoritative website (at the very least, more authoritative than your own site) then you should move on.

Testimonial backlinks
Every business likes to show the testimonials of its customers Mobile Number List. It helps them build their credibility and get more sales.

Most companies that sell a product or service also accept testimonials from their customers and link to their social profile or website. These types of backlinks are totally white and they can help you with SEO Mobile Number List.

Think about any products or services you have purchased recently, contact the owners, and send them your testimonial.

Make it a good one, and they might even feature yours on the homepage, making the link even more valuable. You can send testimonials or leave reviews for eBooks you've purchased or podcasts you listen to.

types of backlinks
And it's not just about the links, but you can also gain authority for yourself and visibility for your business.

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