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Should students start searching for job right after school?

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Yes, Students should start searching for jobs right after school because It is the time when students should start earning money and know-how to save money. Many parents don't let their kids do jobs and make their kids dependent on their whole life. It becomes quite difficult when students start searching for jobs after graduating from universities as most companies want experienced and skilled employers, they don't prefer freshers. Students do not necessarily need a full-time job, they can start with part-time jobs so they can focus on their studies. After doing some part-time jobs they can look for a better opportunity and make a professional resume or cv by cv makers.

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Seconded. I started freelancing as a designer right after my school. And now after finishing my professional degree, I have got job at a leading biker jacket patches designing company that is known for their extremely positive work culture. I got this job with all my previous experience and remotely learned skills.