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Work like a pro with these 5 HTML hacks

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Beginning in school, HTML was the first of many computer basics we taught, and it stays with us the longest. It is an essential language, simple to learn and easy to use even by non-coders. HTML is a standard markup Chile Phone Numbers List language requiring technologies like Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and more scripting languages ​​like Javascript.

While a few of us are familiar with HTML and the little tips and tricks, some of us newbies have yet to learn a few tips on the job. We are going to try to check out some of these working hacks to make your coding faster and more robust.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is small in size because it is XML code. It's a bunch of code, so it's smaller and loads faster. When we scale PNG or JPG more than the original size, they are pixelated and reduce the look and feel of your website. But when you resize SVG, it will not be pixelated and will not maintain the sharpness of the image throughout the retina Chile Phone Numbers List. So you can manage it on all devices without quality and charging issues.

When we need an image with a shape, people usually save the image with a shape in png format and use it. But in this case, they will compromise with the quality. If you don't want to compromise on the quality Chile Phone Numbers List, you can add a vector shaped image.

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