Our Policy

Thank you for choosing ROYAL KIDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL as a partner in your child’s educational development. Find below some information about our school.



It is the policy of ROYAL FAMILY to admit all children without regard to race, colour or national origin.



The correct age for each class group as on 30th September of the class of entry is indicated below:

Pre- nursery 1    –            12months – 24 months

Pre-nursery 2     –            2 – 3years

Nursery 1            –           3 – 4years

Nursery 2           –            4 – 5years

Year 1                 –            5 – 6years

Year 2                 –            6 – 7years

Year 3                 –            7 – 8years

Year 4                 –            8 – 9years

Year 5                 –            9 – 10years

Year 6                 –          10- 11years

  1. On submission of the Application Form, the following documents must be scanned and attached:
  •  Passport photographs of both parents and pupil(s).
  • 1 copy of birth certificate or the page in the child’s international passport on which the date of birth is recorded.
  • A copy of the pupil’s academic report reflecting 1 year performance prior to the year of admission.
  1. Whichever stage or class of application, a child is required to undergo the school’s readiness test or assessment – whichever is appropriate at the particular point of entry.
  1. Pass mark for test is set at 60% per subject.
  2. Methods of communicating the outcome of the admission application;
  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Face to face communication
  • Admission letter will be sent via email.
  1. No child will be admitted to classes until all registration forms are received and school fees are paid.


We run a rich blend of British curriculum and Nigerian curriculum, adopted Montessori system of education and International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

We believe this curriculum blend will produce a total child that can cope all around the world. Remember the world today is a global village and effective communication is the key to success.



Excellence, Accountability and Commitment.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to meet the developmental needs of every child by providing experiences that are challenging and promote social, economic, physical and academic growth.


Our Staff

Our teachers are highly motivated university graduates. We also have proficient non-academic staff and care givers.

We invest in staff training and development to enhance professional growth and development.

Pupils code of conduct

Pupils are:

  • Expected to be polite at all times.
  • Expected to take reasonable care of school property.
  • Expected to be honest in their dealing with their teachers and in all matters relating to school life (homework, assessments, class work, etc).
  • Not expected to push, shove or be involved in any rough play.
  • Not expected to take home anything that does not belong to them (notebooks, pens, pencils, textbooks etc).
  • Not allowed to go into any classroom other than their own except when given permission by a teacher.
  • Not to disrupt teachers, other pupils or classwork during lessons.
  • Not to threaten, hurt or bully another pupil.
  • Not allowed to use any foul language.


The School

Royal Kids International School will try to;

  1. Respect, value and help your child to reach his/her full potentials.
  2. Attempt to create a safe and caring environment for your child.
  3. Care about your child and his/her safety and happiness.
  4. Provide a balanced curriculum suited to the needs of your child and keep you informed about the school curriculum.
  5. Promote high standards of work and behaviour.
  6. Monitor the attendance and performance of pupils.
  7. Set, mark and monitor regular homework.
  8. Send reports home, twice a term.
  9. Avoid any aggressive behaviour when talking to you or your child.
  10. Inform you about any concerns or problems that affect your child’s work or behaviour.
  11. Deal quickly, sensitively and professionally with any parental complaints which may arise.
  12. Keep you informed about school activities through letters and notices of special events.
  13. Have two formal parents’ forum per year (Parents Teachers Interaction, Tea time with parents).


The school employs a number of measures to enforce the school rules and to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.

Disciplinary measures which are applied as appropriate include:

  • Isolating a child from the rest of the class when disruptive.
  • Standing aside when late to school.
  • Standing at the back of the class with eyes closed.
  • Forfeiting some privileges such as break time/playtime.
  • Writing of repeated sentences
  • Confiscation of contraband items or items which cause distraction, etc.

If a child repeatedly violates the code of conduct for behaviour even after appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken, the parents will be invited to have a conference with either the class teacher or the Head of school. Corporal punishment by teachers is not allowed in the school.            


The school assembly holds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while the class assembly holds on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Birthday celebration onsite/online is only done on Fridays. Parents are to make enquiry at the front desk for requirements for birthday celebration. Only food from fast food service providers will be allowed (onsite).


Monday/Tuesday: Regular uniform: Sky blue/navy blue, a pair of navy blue socks and a pair of black shoes.

Wednesday:          Sports wear: School’s crested yellow t-shirt, sports short, a pair of white socks and trainers.    

Thursday:             School’s crested white t-shirt, sports short, a pair of white socks and trainers.

Friday:                  Casual dressing (Mufti)

N/B:   All kids are expected to put on the schools’ crested t-shirts and uniforms bought from the school. Failure to do so, the child will be sent back home.


Extra-curricular activities:

  • Dance (Ballet) Club
  • Readers Club
  • Creative hands  Club
  • Music Club
  • Coding & Robotics club
  • Science club
  • Chess club
  • Taekwondo club
  • Bible club

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For JSS 1 & JSS 2 2023/2024 academic session. 

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